5 Ways to Support Special Needs Parents During the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1.  Offer to drop off groceries.  Grocery stores are crowded and have long lines.  It may be more difficult for families to bring their child to the store to get necessary items.  Check in with families of children with special needs and make sure they have what they need.
  2.  Only buy what you need.  Children with Autism may have food selectivity issues.  Sometimes there are only one or two foods they will eat.  Grocery stores having empty shelves are more than an inconvenience for these families.  Buy what you need and leave what you don’t need for the next family.
  3. Check in by text during quarantine or when school is out.  Children with Autism may struggle without their routine.  School breaks are hard on families. Send a quick text of encouragement.  Parents will be tired. They can use your kind words.
  4. Offer ideas for activities or supplies.  Parents will be looking for ways to fill their children’s time.  If you have game or activity that might help, offer it to these families.  If you know of a fun website or online learning option share that information.
  5. Donate.  Drop off an unexpected care package during the weeks without school or a routine.  Include basic grocery items, activities for the kids, and even gift cards to places that deliver food.  Knowing there is a way to order food on a tough day can go a long way. Include a card with encouraging words.  Include visa and amazon gift cards so that families can buy items that help pass the time or that are necessary for day to day life.